Why don’t I ever get selected for projects?

Although we try our very best to utilise all of our amazing Soupers there could be a few reasons as to why you haven’t been selected for a project in a while. 

  1. Location – As we are based in Sydney, many of our projects take place on the Eastern Seaboard. But never fear because that’s something we’re currently working on fixing and we do try and include Soupers from all over Australia whenever possible. 
  2. Profile information – Have you updated your profile recently? Even if your profile is 100% complete, it helps if you check and make sure all those details are up to date. This means we’ll be able to invite you to projects that are relevant to you and your life. So, if you have a baby, let us know! If you get a new job or even a new pet, we want to know about it. What are you waiting for? Go and update that profile! 
  3. Social presence – Are you on Instagram and Facebook? More and more of our projects require social sharing of the awesome products we send you. So if you are on Instagram and or Facebook, be sure to head over to the Social Connectors page in the app and connect your accounts. 

Feel free to contact us if you meet all these requirements and still aren’t being selected, we'll take a close look at your profile and see what's what.

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